About Me

Hi, I am Neetu Bansal, from Haryana. I have done masters in computer applications and was much interested into programming and have worked as a software faculty and after that also as a website developer. I stay at home now and i found now my love and passion about makeup and beauty so thought of starting a beauty blog to fulfil my passion.

It happened, after when i get married and i get a chance to know more about makeup. I love to wear saree and functionally I had to drape saree and get ready with makeup. Luckily, I knew the saree draping but not so much about makeup. I was into studies only, I think that is the main reason for that. So, I tried different foundations, one after other as to suit my needs. Then lipsticks, kajal and now so many things and still there is an endless list of such things. Some worked for me, some not. But now, from my experience, I can say I have some knowledge when campared to my little knowledge in the beginning.

I am definitely not a makeup artist and I do not claim to be. But, I would love to share my experience with you guys. So, if you also love makeup or want to know what is good or bad for you in makeup, beauty then join me in my journey to further take it to the next level. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

My blog will be based mainly on my thoughts on makeup, product reviews, skincare, diy, lifestyle.