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Hello Friends,

Lipsticks have become most important part of our makeup routine. These days corals, reds are the shades that most prominently used by women. Lakme has been launching Lipsticks with new shades and textures from the last year frequently. I used a pinky brown shade from enrich satin range from Lakme what I used to love before. These days, I am more into matte lipsticks and lakme has a very affordable range of enrich matte lipsticks launched back in the last year.

The Lakme Enrich Matte lipsticks offered intense color payoff in 20 new trending shades, aross shade families, designed to match indian skin tone. One coat and you are good to go. There is no shade name, though, the shade number which is an abbreviation here is given. Also, the abbreviations used in lipsticks numbering are given as follows :

  • PM = Pink Matte
  • RM = Red Matte
  • OM = Orange Matte
  • WM = Wine Matte
  • BM = Brown Matte

Today, I am going to review a Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick in the shade PM11 which is a bright pink, Fuchsia shade with no brown in it. Let us have the review in detail.

Price : Rs 295 for 5 g. Buy Here.

Shelf Life : 2 years.

Packaging :

The lipstick comes with a silver colored cardboard outer packaging with the lipstick secured in it. Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick is written on one side of outer packaging. On other side, the price and the manufacturing details are mentioned and on some other side, Shade number and some details about lipstick are given.This lipstick comes in standard silver packaging with transparent tight fitting cap onto it. The cap of the lipstick shuts down tightly on a single click. The packaging is quite similar to the newly changed one packaging of Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks from the same brand. As, one can see through images that LAKME is written on the Bullet itself as with Lakme Lipsticks. There is no shade name anywhere written. Only the shade number is there on the bottom part of the Lipstick. Shade numbers are really hard to remember. But one can see the lipstick shade due to its transparent packaging which comes with a plus point here.

Texture :

The texture of this lipstick is not fully matte, it settles into kind of semi-matte or I can say creamy matte finish after some time. It is so comfortable to apply, not drying the lips at all. It is comfortable to apply on the lips. The color transfers a bit but not so much. It lasts on my lips around about 5-6 hours with meals too which is really a good amount of wear time in this price range. This is a beautiful bright pink, fuchsia color which just goes with any outfit and looks elegant. This is a shade which i really needed from a long time.

Shade & Pigmentation :

This bright pink fuchsia shade is highly pigmented and will cover darker lips too. One swipe is sufficient to have the full color. Although, one can build up the color to increase the intensity. The texture is smooth and creamy and dries out to matte finish after an hour or so but it doesn`t tend to dry out the lips. It settles into a semi-matte finish, I would say. The lips will feel quite hydrated as if it is freshly applied. After a couple of hours, it leaves a tint behind which may not be liked by all but i like it rather than bare lips. But ya, one will require a nice quality makeup remover to remove it completely.

What I lIke About Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick PM11 :

  1. Trendy Bright Pink Fuchsia Color.
  2. Intense Color Pay-Off.
  3. Smooth Matte Texture And Non-Drying formula at the same time.
  4. Long-Lasting Shiny Matte Formula.
  5. The Vitamin E and olive oil in it nourishes the lips and makes them soft and supple and provides hydration too.
  6. Suitable for all Indian skin tones.
  7. No dragging of the lips.
  8. Does not settle into fine lines.
  9. Quite Lightweight.
  10. Travel Friendly due to sturdy packaging.
  11. Easily Available.
  12. On Budget.

What I Dislike About Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick PM11 :

There is nothing which I don`t like about this Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick PM11 Shade except the fact that if I apply 3-4 coats, it comes out to be streaky after that. So, my trick is to bloat excess lipstick with a tissue and I am good to go.

Final Verdict :

This is a very beautiful bright pink Fuchsia shade which goes with any outfit blindly. The texture is smooth and creamy and settles into semi-matte finish. The packaging is quite sturdy. Although, the shade name is not there anywhere, only the number is, i.e. PM11(Pink Matte 11). But for this color, I don`t feel it to be a big hurdle for me in buying it, also at this price.

Rating :

5 out of 5 for Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick PM11 Shade.

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