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Hey Guys,

A Black eyeliner is an everyday eyeliner since this is what most of us use most frequently.

You must be knowing the fact that I am huge eye pencil lover. I haven`t used an eyeliner from quite some time as they take some time to get dry which is not same with pencils. So, I decided to try some liquid eyeliner and finally, I got my hands on lakme eyeliner due to its attractive packaging and of course, the Lakme brand itself. And, This time my review is about Lakme Absolute Shine line Liquid Eyeliner Black. Lakme has different quallity products in every range with different prices. Lakme absoulte range is really impressive. I have used some other products from the range which I will review later.

It comes in other colors like brown shimmer, olive, smokey grey and liquid gold other than the black one.

Claims By Lakme :

Rich, Intense color in one stroke that stays true for hours. Create smouldering eyes with bold shades that redefine the look of liquid eyeliner.

  • Intense color.
  • Longwearing polymer.
  • Water based formula

Description : Long-lasting (so no touch-ups), lustrous and super easy to apply, Lakmé Absolute Shine Line is your go-to eyeliner for a glamorous night out. It’s available in 9 gorgeous shades and is a great way to amplify the beauty of your eyes!

Application :

  • Step 1: Steady your dominant hand on a table.
  • Step 2: Open the cap and remove the excess product from the application brush.
  • Step 3: Draw your eyelid taut and draw a line across your upper lid.
  • Step 4: Thicken the line as per your preference.

  • Price : Rs. 350. Buy Here.

    Quantity : 4.5ml.

    Shelf Life : 30 Months From Pkd.

    Packaging :

    The packaging is really chic. It comes in a cardboard black colored packaging which has the Lakme absolute shine line written on one side and the color of eyeliner which is black here and the expiry time is written on other side, On one side, features of eyeliner, quantity etc. are clearly mentioned. From inside, It is a black colored cylindrical bottle which has a silver metallic twisted cap. The cap has a brush to apply eyeliner. The brush is thin which makes it easy to apply simple thin line for everyday look. I haven`t faced any spill over issues with this.

    Texture, Color & Pigmentation :

    In its first impression, it seems to be of shiny glossy texture but it changes to matte soon after application. Also, it dries really fast. It is not exactly black bold color, it is somewhere between grey and black color. It is decently pigmented and one can achieve any kind of look using it, from normal everyday look to winged to cat eye look too.

    My Experience With Lakme Absolute Shine line Liquid Eyeliner In Black :

    This Lakme shine line liquid eyeliner in black color comes in a classy looking chic packaging which looks very eye catching. It comes with a brush which is so comfortable to apply even for those who are new to makeup. Although, the liquid eyeliners are somewhat tricky to apply for beginners as compared to pencil eyeliners but the brush makes it so easy to use for everyone. It dries up really quickly after application within seconds, I must say. It turns into matte texture after dried up which is really amazing for those who love matte looks. It stays on my upper eyelid for about 7-8 hours without budging at all as far as I have noticed. Without rubbing, it doesn`t come off easily, it stays there for longer time as well. Although, the color is not intense black it has some grey hint in it. It doesn`t irritate my eyes. Overall, It gives a natural look which I really like about it.

    What I Like About Lakme Absolute Shine line Liquid Eyeliner In Black :

    1. Sturdy as well as classy packaging.
    2. Amazing thin brush.
    3. Single stroke enough for thin line applicators.
    4. Glides on smoothly and dries up quickly.
    5. Precisely define the lash lines.
    6. Flawless Matte Finish.
    7. No Budge at all for at least 7 hours and even more until gets rubbed.
    8. Perfect for winged eye look.
    9. Does not smudge.
    10. Easy to remove.

    What I Dislike About Lakme Absolute Shine line Liquid Eyeliner In Black :

    1. No Ingredients List.
    2. Water resistant, Not waterproof.

    Final Thoughts :

    I am in love with this eyeliner these days. As, I have oily eyelids so I prefer either waterproof products or which have long wear time. This stays on my eyelids for about 7-8 hours and even more without rubbing which is pretty decent for me. The brush that comes, I found so easy to apply. The quantity of 4.5 ml cannot be ignored here too. I love this eyeliner these days.

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