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Hi makeup Lovers,

Ahhh... Again Lakme. I love all the products from Lakme whichever i had used till date and those i am currently using. When i think about makeup, this is the very first foundation that i have ever used in my life i.e. after getting married because i was never used to any make up product before my marriage. Also when i had this foundation in my makeup kit, i didn`t knew what shade i was using. But, when i applied, i found it to be darker than my skin tone. So next time, when i went to market to buy another one, i asked the SA that to suggest me some other foundation. He as per his job, suggested me so many foundations and as i said that i only had trust in Lakme at that time. So, i denied to buy any of them. Then, he said that if you can go up in the price then Lakme has some other foundations. And then i tried that one and then the other one and so i had tried almost many Lakme foundations whichever come into market mostly once or twice. That`s how my journey of makeup starts only due to this foundation. Sounds weird but this actually happened.

Packaging :

It comes in a rectangular glass bottle with a dark maroon cap on it and the shade is written over the marron cap. The bottle is kind of heavy due to made up of glass and so not at all travel friendly. Also, it does not come with a spatula or pump with it. But how can we expect these with a price of 140 and also from a brand named Lakme. This is the only foundation i had seen in my home in my childhood or a face powder i.e. also from lakme. Also, you have to be very careful about how much how are pouring on your hand or some other surface as you have no control on the spill-over.

Texture :

The formula of Lakme Perfecting Liquid foundation is oil free and water based. It is quite runny in nature. So be careful and fast while applying this foundation on to your face and in blending too. It doesn`t leave any dry patches on my skin as i prefer to mix small amount of moisturiser with it. If you don`t feel comfortable with mixing, you can moisturise your skin before applying if you have combination or dry skin. If you have oily skin, this can be applied directly on the skin.

Shades :

  1. Marble
  2. Pearl
  3. Shell
  4. Coral

Quantity : 27ml

Price : Rs 140

Shelf Life : 36 months from date of manufacturing.

My Experience :

I bought the shade pearl as it is supposed to be for the fair skinned people and i have wheatish skin. I used this in the last winter time as my skin is more on the drier and fairer side in winters than in summers. Its staying power is so good in winters, it stays on me for about to 5-6 hours without any compact because compact powders make skin more dry and but sadly, in summers after 2-3 hours, it is unable to control oil on my skin. So, I prefer this baby to use in winter. Also, it covers little blemishes only so if you have a skin with no flaws then this is the best foundation in this price from Lakme. It is a good daily wear foundation and one bottle lasts me more than a month approximately or may be one and a half month if used once daily.

Pros of Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation :

  1. It gives sheer coverage which is best for everyday use.
  2. Inexpensive.
  3. Best suited to oily skinned beauties.
  4. With small imperfections, it can give nice coverage means medium coverage.
  5. It does not dry out the skin and controls oil too.
  6. Gives healthy glow to the skin.
  7. Can work best in winters and can be used for outing too at that time.

Cons of Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation :

  1. Oil free but it comes back quickly in summers.
  2. Less staying power in summer.
  3. Doesn`t come with a pump.
  4. Not waterproof and sweatproof as claimed on bottle by Lakme.

Final Verdict :

This is a very good foundation if used in indoor or A.C. environment in summer and in winter time can be used anywhere. Staying power and quantity is also good in such an affordable price.

Rating : My rating is 4 for this foundation.

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