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Hi Gals,

Today, I am going to share my views on Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper 15 H Soft Look In Brown Shade. This comes in 2 shades one is brown and the other one is gray. I bought brown one as my hair color too is not very black and so the thing that comes to my mind is my hair color when choosing the brow shaper color. It is weird but trust me, it is true may be coz this is the very first eyebrow product I have bought and this is my second one as I loved this brow product. So, I think who love the naturally defined and softer fuller brows, for them this is really a great product to invest in. This is really the game changer for me.

Shades Available :

  1. Brown
  2. Gray

Quantity : 0.61g Out Of Which 0.5 For Shadow Side & 0.11 For The Pen Side

Price : Rs. 325.Buy Here.

Shelf Life : 3 Years.

Claims By Maybelline :

The two must-haves in eyebrow theory – the sharpness of pencil and the softness of powder. The 2mm slim-tip pencil provides easy and precise control while the powder helps attain the soft focus effect for fuller looking brows you desire.

Benefits :

The first all-in-one product from Maybelline New York that marries the two must-haves in eyebrow theory – the sharpness of pencil and the softness of powder.

  • 2mm tip pencil for sharp & precise control.
  • Powder for fuller brows.

How To Use/Apply :

STEP 1: Shape your brows with the pencil tip of the duo shaper.

STEP 2: Fill in your brows with the brow powder sponge.

Packaging :

The eyebrow shaper comes in black plastic packaging. It is dual ended, on one end a soft sponge applicator for mineral powder is given with a brown cap coz I have brown colored pencil and the other side has a retractable brown pencil with a black cap over it. And the center has Maybelline New York written with powder on the powder side and pencil on the pencil side with the directional arrows for the same. Of course, Fashion Brow duo Shaper is written on the opposite side where the above is written. It comes with a plastic cover which has all the information written which goes forever, once you open it. This pencil is so handy to travel with and I can carry it in any of my bag.

My Take On Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper 15 H Soft Look In Brown Shade :

This gives the most fresh and natural looking eyebrows. The tip of pencil is easy to apply and I first apply pencil and then set it with the powder for the perfect polished look. I bought it second time coz it is very much travel friendly and at home too it is a hassle free product to use with. This comes in retractable form and dual ended too and the text is written in clear format in both sides as pencil and powder both for easy identification. Either one i.e. pencil or powder alone is great for use on eyebrows on its own. This is All-in-one pen for the eyebrow that gives the sharpness of a fixing pencil and the softness of filling mineral powder. I am using the older one for everyday use and I get a new one in advance after it. This is smudge-proof only if one accidently rub the eyebrow not when deliberately rubbed. It is hardly noticeable that one has shaped the brows. The eyebrows looks like as If no threading has been done just the gaps filled. I just love the finish.

Pros Of Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Brown Shade :

  1. 2 colors Brown and gray.
  2. Pencil Plus Powder to set with a natural mineral finish..
  3. 2MM Pencil Tip For Precise Control.
  4. Silicon Powder For Fuller, Natural Looking Eyebrows..
  5. Easy Glide on brows and Control.
  6. Not Artificial Yet Natural Look.
  7. Waterproof.
  8. Easy to Travel with..
  9. No Need To Sharpen..
  10. Lasts More Than10 hours.
  11. Affordbale.

Cons Of Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Brown Shade :

  1. Fragile As Pencil may break off in no time if applied with too much pressure.
  2. Less product as per price.

Final Verdict :

Say No To Fake Looking Eyebrows by using the Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper. This is really a game changer for me as this eyebrow pencil changes the whole look and this pencil gives the natural look as if it looks like my real eyebrows which only I know that I filled them. Who doesn`t like no makeup look, this one is just like no fake brows. This is a great product for those who love to fill their eyebrows and struggling to have natural finish. The Brown shade goes well with most Indian skin tones and for those who have very black hair, they will love the gray shade.

Rating : 5 out of 5 for Maybelline New York Duo Shaper In Brown.

It’s a great product for eye brows at a reasonable price. Do give it a try and get your brow game on!

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