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Hello Skincare Lovelies,

When we talk about skin care, how can one forget the most essential part of it i.e. undoubtedly A sunscreen. From the time, I knew its importance, since then I am applying sunscreen whether it is winter or summer, I am wearing makeup or not, everyday twice. Frankly, In winters, I can go with almost any sunscreen coz I don`t sweat at that time, but in summers, I need something which controls oil and at the same time provides sun protection, as I or almost everyone sweats except some lucky people. I already have reviewed Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 Matte Sunscreen here which is in tinted form. And, here I am going to review Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel SPF 50.

Price : Rs 410 For 100g Of Product.Buy Here.

Shelf Life : 3 Yrs. From The Mfg. Date.

Claims By Lotus Herbals :

An innovative Sunblock which is totally non-oily and provides a fresh and clean finish to the face, neck and hands, It protects against all forms of sun induced damage : skin tan, sun burn, pre-mature ageing &skin cancer.

Contains extracts of : horse chestnut, comfrey and vanilla.

Directions To Use :

Apply liberally and evenly on face and exposed parts of the body. Re-apply frequently, every 2 hrs for best results.

Packaging :

The sunscreen comes in a bright orange coloured tube packaging with a flip top cap same as other lotus sunscreens. The tube packaging makes it handy for travelling, so easy to carry around in a bag. It also comes in 50g pack too. It is hygienic, has pleasant fragrance and there is no spill over too. Though, the product tends to get accumulate around the mouth of the flip top cap which is a bit messy. It is white colored gel which is not too thick nor too runny. The gel like texture is non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin and then settles into a non-oily, matte finish in just 2 minutes of application. It gives a soothing matte effect on the skin.

My Experience :

As this again is in the matte form like lotus 3 in 1 matte sunscreen but I like to wear this more under makeup than the 3 in 1 coz when I tried, I found that 3 in 1 gives a patchy effect if I apply foundation over it but this doesn`t feel patchy at all with post foundation. It just melts into the skin within no time. Lotus 3 in 1 works best on me using a compact over it or just that sunscreen alone. But with makeup, this works best for me. Also, It works as a makeup base due to its gel like consistency, which I love the most. I have combination to oily skin in summer for reference. So, may be, both will work for extremely oily people. Ya, lastly, it leaves a soothing feeling on the skin when applied.

Pros Of Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel SPF 50 :

  1. Travel Friendly Packaging.
  2. Contains the goodness of horse chestnut, comfrey and vanilla...
  3. PA+++ UVA, UVB Protection where more + signs means a higher level of UVA protection.
  4. SPF 50 which is great.
  5. Gel like texture and Can Work as a makeup base.
  6. Controls Oil & Provides Matte look W/O looking Patchy.
  7. Has never broken me out.
  8. Provides soothing and matte feel to the skin.
  9. Suitable for normal to oily skin types.
  10. Easily Available.

Cons Of Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Sunscreen Matte Gel SPF 50 :

Contains Parabens.

Final Verdict :

I use this sunscreen whenever I am using makeup in day time and I reapply in evening too. I cannot apply a sunscreen or after every 2 hours as it is strongly recommended coz it is impossible for me so I always run for compacts with spf. Also, I am not out in the sun for thw hole day. This works great for me at times when I don`t want to do makeup means just my bare skin, so I apply moisturiser and then this sunscreen. And also, when I love to apply foundation, as I said earlier this works best underneath makeup. It gives a non-patchy, non-oily, matte look to the skin which is the summer demand. This sunscreen can be used by boys too as skincare is for everyone.

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